What Remains: Strong AF TWOC

Pink and white text on black background: What Remains: Strong AF TWOC. KaiAnne Pepper. Davia Spain. Ms. Billie Cooper. Dir. LAFEMMEBEAR. Framed photos of three trans femme of color artists in a horizontal row, one with a sultry look, one smiling, one with a neutral facial expression
Tuesday, June 8, 2021 - 7:00pm

~en español abajo~


What comes after the storm?

Peacock Rebellion + LAFEMMEBEAR Productions presented a night of world-bending, future-shaping music, poetry, visual art, and more. 




Davia Spain

KaiAnne Pepper


Ms. Billie Cooper

Love Liberates: A Trans POC Coloring Book launch party

Graphic with orange circle stars shooting out of it with purple background

Book Release Party!! Love Liberates: A Trans POC Coloring Book

Saturday, January 25, 2020 - 12:00pm

A book release party + artist reception for our very own community-created trans liberation and racial justice coloring book featuring artwork by: Ajuan Mance Gaia WXYZ Jesse Burger Mel Chen Nori Reed Queen Sen Sen Based on interviews with: Devi Peacock eri oura Michelle D. Herrera, Ph.D. Miss Billie Cooper Ray Ray Young Designed by Abeni Jones! * FREE coloring books * Large scale versions to color together * Snacks, coloring sheets, and coloring materials provided Let's gather and tell stories about TPOC resilience, love, organizing and liberation.