Tips to Support Individual and Community Healing

Things we've done to support individual and community healing For Mangos With Chili's 2013 National Queer Arts Festival show FREE: Two Spirit, Trans and Queer People of Color Visions of Freedom, S.D. Shah and Devi collaborated on a video + performance piece where they asked the audience to write responses to the question "What are some things you've done to support your healing and community healing (physical, emotional, cultural, sexual, spiritual, etc.)?" Here's what community members wrote at the show and placed on a physical altar or posted to the event's web stream or facebook page (The piece wasn't a Peacock Rebellion project, but we're posting it here so the list has a virtual altar that's more permanent than facebook. and Mangos' web site is down): How we've supported individual and community healing:

  1.  I've developed my inner dialogue and taken time to make intentional goals
  2. let myself cry
  3. go to therapy
  4. kink
  5. learn the truth and speak it
  6. honor my body and sex it up
  7. dress in drag
  8. allowed myself to focus inward and cry for a lot of years
  9. hibernate
  10. smoke pot
  11. light candles
  12. learn to meditate
  13. eat orange and green foods
  14. write down my dreams
  15. connect with other survivors and healers
  16. make art about my experiences
  17. stop trying to organize and run everything
  18. learn how to let myself be touched and feel my body
  19. find people to love authentically
  20. singing and teaching people to sing
  21. stare into someone else's eyes
  22. study Kabbalah
  23. unlearn oppression
  24. support my friends and lovers and community
  25. I came out at 45.
  26. create cultural spaces for marginalized folks like myself
  27. cook and grow food as medicine
  28. stayed in my body
  29. held my sexuality and pleasure as central
  30. therapy and more therapy
  31. loving and massaging my dying friend
  32. loving my friend/her girlfriend
  33. sharing my amazing daughter with the world
  34. sharing my dreams and journaling
  35. coming to this show with a hot woman
  36. not accepting how things are
  37. (trying really hard to) love my body
  38. listening to trauma
  39. speaking despite fear
  40. care-giving for caregivers
  41. food making
  42. write stories
  43. PLAYING a lot
  44. share knowledge
  45. be open and vulnerable
  46. be able to accept pleasure
  47. knowing I deserve
  48. masturbation
  49. allow myself to be adored
  50. unlearn catholicism
  51. love
  52. learning - always
  53. make art with other people
  54. have sex with a lot of people
  55. listen to our elders
  56. short skirts
  57. dance
  58. breath
  59. burn medicine
  60. stay out late with [someone's name]
  61. walk naked with no shame
  62. no judgement and open to infinite possibilities
  63. sharing smiles and kindness
  64. taking steps to take care of myself
  65. I forgave myself and asked my family to confront our collective historical denying to begin ending the ancestral cycles of violence in my family
  66. let myself be.
  67. listen to others
  68. meditation
  69. walk my dog
  70. being open
  71. being honest
  72. shared my experience
  73. I asked for help.