Oakland North: Liberate 23rd Ave rallies…and wins

Group of people standing in a circle outside a building in Oakland
April 23, 2018

"On the corner of 23rd Avenue and International Boulevard in East Oakland, there’s a colorful mural painted on the side of a building with the phrase “CULTURE IS A WEAPON” written in bold letters. In the center of the mural is an image of a raised fist in front of flames, surrounded by portraits of Black Panther party members, musicians, farmworkers and indigenous people. While the mural is surrounded by fences on all sides, its size and color make it a landmark in the San Antonio neighborhood bordering Fruitvale. The cultural lineage that inspired this mural is still thriving, not only in the city’s art but in its community spaces, especially in the building on which the mural is painted." - Muna Danish

Oakland North
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