Peacock's merging w/ LOL!

Peacock Rebellion Artistic Core 2016: Q Quintero, Lexi Adsit, Vanessa Rochelle Lewis, Luna Merbruja, Devi Peacock, sitting on a picnic bench under a canopy.


This is big:

Peacock's merging with our sibling organization Liberating Ourselves Locally (LOL).

Folks at LOL maker night

LOL is a POC-led, queer and trans people of color -centered crew of activists and organizers who make (art/tech/craft/mischief) for social justice. For six years, the LOL collective has run LOL Maker Space in East Oakland.


Pic of maker day


When Peacock moved into LOL in early 2016, our collective maker space grew a ton, with new programs, new equipment and facilities upgrades, and more people using the space.


Last Fall, we collaborated on Peacock’s STAY: An Oakland QTPOC Resilience Festival, a 2-day maker fest with free workshops on making tech, music, theater and more, all for collective liberation.

STAY logo in purple stencil against gray concrete


This year, when our landlord offered to sell our building to the folks living and working here, we all banded together to #Liberate23rdAve, a long-term project that’s bringing LOL, Peacock, our building and our neighbors even closer together.


#Liberate23rdAve pic of residents and workers in front of 23rd Ave Community Building

Many LOLers are already involved with Peacock; together we have the admin capacity to keep LOL’s core programs going, and we're aligned politically. It’s a dreamy fit.


We’re super excited for what's to come...and to shake our tail feathers together :)


Speaking of:

* LOL is now a program of Peacock.

Over the next few months, you’ll see new info on LOL’s and Peacock’s web sites and social media. If you’re a donor to LOL, please move your donation to Peacock Rebellion. Email us and we can help you do that <3

* LOL's core program, Maker Night, will turn into a monthly Maker Day.

Starting the second Sunday of October, we’ll be rolling out new themed Maker Days in collab with our beloved neighbors. Stay tuned for details; we have upcoming collabs with Oakland SOL - Sustaining Ourselves Locally and EastSide Arts Alliance, featuring digital media, puppetry, food-making, and more...all with a queer and trans people of color -centered, social justice lens.


* LOL will still be available

for community groups to use for meetings, workshops and events. Fill out the form here to get started!

Thank you for the love you’ve given Peacock over the last five years and Liberating Ourselves Locally for the past six years. Stay with us through this next chapter--we're about to roll out some of our sassiest programs ever ;)