Peacock named Best of the East Bay: "Most Historic Cultural Event!"

Purple and teal text in a white circle. Text: Best of the East Bay 2016. East Bay Express.

OMG Peacock Rebellion just got named East Bay Express' Best of the East Bay! Our Brouhaha program was named "Most Historic Cultural Event."

This is coming fresh off of being named the Social Impact Media Awards (SIMA)' Crush of the Week and getting shout-outs from W. Kamau Bell, Karinda Dobbins and Hari Kondabolu <3

Thanks to the tons of queer and trans people of color, especially the Black folks and trans women of color, who shaped the program together over the years, especially:

* our trainers, coaches, guest faculty, producers, Artistic Core members and current and former Board members:
Micia Mosely, Nia King, Jezebel Delilah X, Karinda Dobbins, Lexi Adsit, Luna Merbruja, Nava Mau, micha cárdenas, Q Quintero, Jen-Mei Wu, Ryan Li Dahlstrom, Kebo Drew, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Ms. Cherry Galette, Pam Peniston

* past Brouhaha artists:
The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins, Cassandra Falby, Jasmine Le Blanc, Lisa Evans, Sabaa Zareena, Jaq Victor, Sista Nau~T, Mahfam Malek, Laurene Francois, CeCe McDonald, chella coleman, Jade Hambaro, Star Amerasu, Janetta Johnson, Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, Erika Kane

* community-based orgs who took the risk of working with us. "Let's take time out of your day to do comedy for social justice" is not an appealing pitch to all the activists across the land, but TGI Justice Project, El/La Para Trans Latinas, CUAV, TAJA's Coalition, QWOCMAP believed in this culture shift work as collective liberation work <3 <3

* politicized comedians and other cultural organizers who inspire our work and take time out of their busy schedules to amp our work and cheer us on through the tough times:
Janet Mock, Karinda Dobbins, Hari Kondabolu and W. Kamau Bell

* everyone who bought a ticket and/or donated to our work, like you who threw down all the monies at our shows, or donated online, or moved money our way as part of the Horizons Foundation, Left Tilt Fund, Akonadi Foundation, Pollination Project, Endeavor Foundation for the Arts, California Arts Council, Ships in the Night, Queer Qumbia, City of Oakland Cultural Funding Program, Rainbow Grocery, and Queer Cultural Center, because really, like really really, you make this peacock fly.

With all the bullshit in the world, I'm grateful for this chance to pause and take in this sweet recognition of our team.

See you on the mic, or wherever you shape culture.


[caption id="attachment_979" align="alignnone" width="300"]Image description: Four people sitting on a black couch. In the front: Devi K, Elena Rose, Lexi Adsit. Above/behind them: The Lady Ms. VaginaJenkins. Elena's cane is resting on the couch. Backdrop: LOL/the Peacock Rebellion office, with sewing tables to the left, a bookcase to the right, gray-painted wood floors. Behind them: Two large picture windows with a door in between them. Vag has a neutral expression, Lexi has a mischievous eye-roll, Elena is smiling, and Devi has a confused scowl. Photo by Lance Yamamoto for East Bay Express[/caption]