Liberate 23rd Ave

About Liberate 23rd Ave

​A long-time, low-rent community building in Huichin (Ohlone land, East Oakland) could have become a giant playground for big tech. Instead, with community support, it's staying an affordable, queer and trans Black, indigenous, and people of color (QTBIPOC) -led social justice center.

In January 2017, our landlord told us she was selling the building. Unless we raised cash in 90 days to help buy it, the vibrant, tight-knit community members and community resources who share our historic building at 23rd and International could have been displaced.

Our mixed-use building is home to:

  • The Bikery: a community bike shop, part of Cycles of Change
  • SOL - Sustaining Ourselves Locally: a QTBIPOC collectively-run house and community garden
  • Shaolin Life: a Black-led martial arts and self-defense studio
  • Peacock Rebellion and Liberating Ourselves Locally (LOL): a QTBIPOC arts organization and maker space and is home to a diverse group of working-class BIPOC.

Together with the Oakland Community Land Trust, we had the rare opportunity to buy the building and realize a dream of long-term affordable housing and community space.

Together, the community raised cash, and we made an offer on the building in May 2017. On November 28, 2017, we bought the building!

Thanks to the Oakland Community Land Trust, POC Sustainable Housing Network, Sustainable Economies Law Center, Community Vision (fka Northern California Community Loan Fund), EastSide Arts Alliance, and everyone who donated, gave advice, cheered us on, conjured, and kept believing in this dream. You are why we're still here.

News from Liberate 23rd Ave

February 11, 2020
Table of coloring books, bucket of crayons, and sign-in sheet. Text on book covers: Love Liberates: A Trans POC Coloring Book

Photography by Gwen Park

 Trans + gender non-conforming people of color deserve joy + love. So Peacock Rebellion and People of Coloring commissioned 6 local TGNC POC artists to interview 4 long-time organizers and conjure a coloring book to celebrate the big community win of Liberate 23rd Avenue.

January 6, 2020
Image description: All-caps text in purple and white in a round pinkish-orange sunburst in the foreground against a background of pink and greenish-blue. In bottom right are all-caps logos for Peacock Rebellion in hot pink against a white backdrop and for People of Coloring in shades of brown. Text: Book Release Party!! Love Liberates: A Trans POC Coloring Book by Peacock Rebellion & People of Coloring. January 24th, 12-3pm At LOL on 1234 23rd Ave.

Image of Love Liberates trans POC coloring book promo