Art Services

Four Black and Brown QTPOC artists on a stage, one person holds a microphone while a 2nd person embraces them, two people in the background are smiling and applauding



    Emcee, Keynotes, and Workshops

    We work to build the field of social justice arts through our arts services.

    We emcee, keynote and perform at conferences and events, and we do arts-based workshops on the themes from our shows.

    Contact us to bring us to your school / town / community space.

    Coaching could rock your world

    With coaching, we make space to dream and take action for you to move fully into the life you want to live. Led by Devi, a Certified Professional Coach with 15 years of experience in U.S. based social justice organizations and networks.


    If you're:

    • A burned-out or burning-out activist, executive director, community organizer, healer, artist, cultural worker, board member...
    • Working for social, economic, and environmental justice Looking for a career change and have no idea where to start
    • Procrastinating on finishing that poetry manuscript or turning your side hustle into a thriving business
    • Overwhelmed and craving some work-life balance