Follow up from pre-launch brunch

Thanks to everyone who came out to the pre-launch brunch event! It was amazing to see the support. There are more photos up on our Facebook page. Tonight, we sentout a letter to people who were able to attend the event in person. For those of you who weren't able to come and meet us, here's a copy of the email. We hope you get to come by and visit soon! We also sent out emails to each interest group. Once they get organized and we get a schedule, we'll post the calendar for all to see. In the meantime, feel free to bring up new topics or express interest in joining a topic here or on Facebook.

Thanks so much for coming to our Oakland Maker Space pre-launch event! So much good energy and so many great ideas from so many wonderful people. We just secured insurance for the place, and are ready to get things up and running! Again, this community project takes all of us. Let us know how much you want to get involved, and which email lists you’d like to be on: 1) Event Announcements/Calendar (monthly)- You will only get emails about once a month with an overview of coming the month’s events. 2) Interest Group Planning (depends on your group)- You will receive a separate email that shares email addresses of others that share the same interest as you. It’s up to from there! Dream, coordinate, and get together to create! 3) LOL Space Planning (few times a week)- We would love your help in getting the general space set up with furniture, and working out some of our general logistics. Interest Groups: ARTS Photography Music Drawing Night Sewing & Crafts Stained Glass Silkscreen TECHNOLOGY Programming Mac/PC clinic Interactive Art (arduino, maxmsp, vjing, djing, performance) EDIBLES Fermentation & Brews Gluten Free living/cooking Cooking (simplified) ORGANIZING/OUTREACH Action & Horizontal Organizing Youth/Community outreach OTHER Healing Arts Games From People's Cultures Resume help/biz dev DIY Chemistry (how to make penicillin) Construction related skills (carpentry, electrical, architectural, tool safety, etc.) Reading/Study groups: (web design, das kapital, the history of debt, queer theory) Direct We already have these things available (but need to get it all set up). Computers: 1 Macbook Pro, 1 iMac, 2 Desktop Computers Misc. computer equipment (cables, routers, surge protectors, hard drives) Hand, hack saw Sewing machines (2) Bookshelf Pots, pans, random cooking stuff Digital video camera (tape), 1080p Shotgun mic Tripod Art materials Wishlist: If you are able to donate anything, please contact us directly =) Tables Chairs Refrigerator Couches More computers, sewing machines, etc.! Also ... we will be doing a fundraising campaign soon. One thing we're looking at is crowdfunding (a la Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, or similar), and would like to offer gifts for people donating. If you have something that you'd like to donate to this effort, please email us back! This can be anything you make, teach, etc. (e.g. shirts that are made, admittance to a workshop, etc.). This email (oaklandmakerspace at gmail dot com) is our general inbox, which you can use to get in touch with us. We might not answer right away, but we'll be checking it regularly. Looking forward to creating this wonderful space with you!

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